Shining Gem
Description: Deals non-elemental damage to one enemy
Target: Single
Buy: -
Sell: 75
Shops: none
Drop: Chac, Chac (Oversoul)
Bribe: Ironside, Ironside (Oversoul)
Mix Combos:
Black Hole Three Stars, Twin Stars
Burning Soul Fire Gem
Cluster Bomb Antarctic Wind, Antidote, Arctic Wind, Blessed Gem, Bomb Core, Bomb Fragment, Budget Grenade, Candle of Life, Chocobo Feather, Dark Grenade, Dispel Tonic, Dragon Scale, Echo Screen, Electro Marble, Elixir, Ether, Eye Drops, Farplane Shadow, Fire Gem, Fish Scale, Gold Hourglass, Grenade, Gysahl Greens, Healing Spring, Hero Drink, Hi-Potion, Holy Water, Ice Gem, L-Bomb, Light Curtain, Lightning Gem, Lightning Marble, Lunar Curtain, M-Bomb, Mana Spring, Mana Tablet, Mega Phoenix, Mega-Potion, Mimett Greens, Pahsana Greens, Petrify Grenade, Phoenix Down, Poison Fang, Potion, Remedy, S-Bomb, Shadow Gem, Fish Scale, Arctic Wind, Bomb Fragment, Silence Grenade, M-Bomb, Budget Grenade, Sylkis Greens, Echo Screen, Soul Spring, Antidote, Star Curtain, Ether, Shining Gem, Chocobo Feather, Shadow Gem, Silver Hourglass, Lightning Marble, Antarctic Wind, Petrify Grenade, Sleep Grenade, S-Bomb, Pahsana Greens, Remedy, Gysahl Greens, Eye Drops, Stamina Spring, Mega Phoenix, Light Curtain, Hi-Potion, Farplane Shadow, Dragon Scale, Poison Fang, Electro Marble, Bomb Core, Dark Grenade, L-Bomb, Grenade, Mimett Greens, Holy Water, Hero Drink, Soft, Mana Spring, Phoenix Down, Lunar Curtain, Potion, Candle of Life, Silence Grenade, Silver Hourglass, Sleep Grenade, Soft, Soul Spring, Stamina Spring, Stamina Tablet, Star Curtain, Sylkis Greens, Three Stars, Turbo Ether, Twin Stars, Water Gem, X-Potion
Final Elixir Megalixir, Megalixir
Final Wall Chocobo Wing, Chocobo Wing
Hazardous Shell Gold Hourglass
Lightning Bolt Lightning Gem
Mega Cocktail Mana Tonic, Mana Tonic, Stamina Tonic, Stamina Tonic
Mega Mana Mana Tablet
Mega Vitality Stamina Tablet
Miracle Drink Dark Matter, Dark Matter
Sunburst Supreme Gem, Supreme Gem
Tidal Wave Water Gem
Ultra Cure Dispel Tonic
Ultra Potion Turbo Ether, Healing Spring, Mega-Potion, Elixir, X-Potion
White Hole Blessed Gem
Winter Storm Ice Gem
Notes: 1500 non-elemental magic damage