Celestial Weapons

Each character has a legendary weapon that cannot be made through customization. In order to open the chests containing the weapons, you must have already obtained the Celestial Mirror.

Caladbolg Tidus Finish Chocobo Racing then go down the ramp in the northwest corner of the Calm Lands
World Champion Wakka Return to the Cafe in Luca after you get the airship and speak to the bartender (you must have won a number of games of Blitzball in order before the bartender will hand it over)
Nirvana Yuna Capture every fiend in the Calm Lands then open the chest at the Monster Arena
Masamune Auron Obtain the Rusty Sword in the ravine north of the Calm Lands, go to Mi'ihen Highroad and insert it into the statue of Lord Mi'ihen, examine the glyph that appears
Onion Knight Lulu Search the south side of the underwater pool outside the entrance to Baaj Temple
Spirit Lance Kimahri Activate 3 Qactuar stones in the Thunder Plains then go to the south part of the Thunder Plains and follow the Qactuar ghost into a tower on the right
Godhand Rikku Input the password GODHAND on the airship and visit the unlocked location

Once you have obtained the weapons the only ability they will have will be No AP. In order to unlock each weapon's powers you will need to power them up by obtaining the celestial tokens.

Celestial TokenCharacterObtain
Sun Crest Tidus Zanarkand Ruins in the place where you fought Yunalesca
Sun Sigil Tidus Get a score of 0:0.0 while racing against the trainer during Chocobo Training
Jupiter Crest Wakka Check the lockers in the Auroch's locker room in Luca
Jupiter Sigil Wakka Win in Blitzball game after obtaining Attack Reels, Status Reels, and Auroch Reels Overdrives
Moon Crest Yuna In a hidden cove on the beach in Besaid
Moon Sigil Yuna Defeat all of Belgemine's aeons at Remiem Temple including all hidden ones
Mars Crest Auron Found on the Mi'ihen highroad
Mars Sigil Auron Unlock 10 monsters at the Monster Arena
Venus Crest Lulu Return to Guadosalam after getting the airship and search the Farplane for it
Venus Sigil Lulu Dodge 200 lightning bolts in a row at the Thunder Plains
Saturn Crest Kimahri Between the columns on Mt. Gagazet after defeating Seymour Flux
Saturn Sigil Kimahri Complete the butterfly catching mini-game
Mercury Crest Rikku Found in a sand whirlpool in Sanubia Desert West
Mercury Sigil Rikku Complete the Cactuar Village sidequest and search their village

After obtaining the weapons and tokens, return to the place where you obtained the Celestial Mirror and perform the ritual once for the Crest and again for the Sigil for each weapon to unlock its true power.

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