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Name↑ Break Damage Weapon  Special Attack  Overdrive 
Anima not needed Pain: strong attack that sometimes causes Death Oblivion: multiple attacks on all enemies
Bahamut not needed Impulse: hits all enemies at once, but has long recovery time Mega Flare: very high non-elemental damage to all enemies
Ifrit World Champion Meteor Strike: non-elemental attack on an enemy Hellfire: high Fire damage to all enemies
Ixion Spirit Lance Aerospark: deals non-elemental damage to an enemy and removes any magical effects Thor's Hammer: high Thunder damage to all enemies
Magus Sisters not needed Razzia: multiple attacks on one enemy (Sandy),Camisade: major damage to all enemies (Cindy),Passado: multiple attacks on all enemies (Mindy) Delta Attack: massive damage to all enemies
Shiva Onion Knight Heavenly Strike: strong attack that delays an enemy's turn Diamond Dust: high Ice damage to all enemies
Valefor Nirvana Sonic Wings: weak attack that delays an enemy's turn Energy Ray: damage to all enemies,Energy Blast: high damage to all enemies but has longer recovery time than Energy Ray
Yojimbo Masamune Daigoro: weak attack,Kozuka: medium attack,Wakizashi: strong attack,Zanmato: instant death to all enemies increase chance of Zanmato