FreyaFreya Crescent
Description: Freya is a Dragon Knight of the kingdom of Burmecia. She is old friends with Zidane, and hasn't been home for 3 years.
Commands: Jump - jump high into the air to avoid attacks and come down to damage a single enemy,Dragon - use Dragon Knight skills
Trance: Freya's Jump skill will damage all enemies instead of a single one while in Trance.
Notes: Dragon Knight skills do not count as spells, so they can still be used where spells cannot.
Damage done by the Dragon's Crest skill increases with the total number of dragons defeated by the party.
Skill Name AP Learned From
Lancer 20 Coral Ring, Partisan
Reis's Wind 25 Angel Earrings, Gold Helm, Holy Lance, Mythril Spear
Dragon Breath 205 Dragon's Hair
White Draw 65 Emerald, Ice Lance, Kain's Lance
Luna 30 Trident
Six Dragons 25 Heavy Lance
Cherry Blossom 40 Kain's Lance, Obelisk
Dragon's Crest 45 Holy Lance, Kain's Lance
Ability Name AP Learned From
Auto-Reflect 95 Reflect Ring
Auto-Float 20 Feather Boots, Venetia Shield
Auto-Haste 75 Running Shoes
Auto-Regen 25 Angel Earrings, Carabini Mail, Maiden Prayer
Auto-Life 125 Rebirth Ring
HP+10% 30 Aquamarine, Chain Mail, Germinas Boots
HP+20% 75 Battle Boots, Black Belt, Defense Gloves, Genji Helmet
MP+10% 35 Emerald, Extension, Magician's Shoes
Accuracy+ 30 Diamond Helm, Genji Armor, Lapis Lazuli
Distract 25 Diamond, Reflect Ring, Shield Armor
Long Reach 210 Protect Ring
MP Attack 20 Battle Boots, Cross Helm, Power Belt
Bird Killer 30 Bronze Armor, Chain Mail, Yellow Scarf
Bug Killer 25 Bronze Helm, Mythril Gloves
Stone Killer 20 Gold Armor, Platinum Helm
Undead Killer 20 Plate Mail, Silver Gloves
Dragon Killer 30 Barbut, Javelin
Devil Killer 30 Cross Helm, Thunder Gloves
Beast Killer 25 Black Belt, Moonstone, Platina Armor
Man Eater 20 Coral Ring, Mythril Gloves
High Jump 75 Dragon Mail
Add Status 25 Glass Buckle, Thunder Gloves
Gamble Defense 20 Barette
Chemist 35 Barette, Grand Armor, Madain's Ring
High Tide 20 Demon's Mail, Genji Gloves, Grand Helm, Minerva's Plate, Partisan, Sapphire
Counter 85 Anklet, Power Belt, Venetia Shield
Cover 30 Gauntlets, Linen Cuirass, Mythril Armor
Eye 4 Eye 35 Kaiser Helm, Rubber Suit
Body Temp 20 Diamond, Fairy Earrings, Genji Armor, Madain's Ring
Initiative 95 Battle Boots, Obelisk
Level Up 40 Extension, Fairy Earrings, Iron Helm, Rosetta Ring
Ability Up 65 Cachusha, Diamond Armor, Diamond Gloves, Lapis Lazuli, Ribbon
Insomniac 30 Coral Ring, Diamond Helm, Mythril Helm
Antibody 15 Bronze Gloves, Glass Buckle, Mythril Helm
Bright Eyes 10 Cachusha, Iron Helm
Restore HP 85 Grand Armor, Minerva's Plate, Platinum Helm, Promist Ring
Jelly 30 Diamond Gloves, Mythril Armor
Auto-Potion 30 Extension, Gold Choker, Running Shoes
Locomotion 25 Anklet, Plate Mail
Clear Headed 35 Gold Helm, Lamia's Tiara, Magician's Shoes