Name↑ Weapon  Description 
Edea none At the beginning, little is known about her other than that she is a powerful sorceress.
Irvine Gun A sharp-shooter from Galbadia Garden. Seemingly a casual womanizer, he hides his seriousness and sensitivity deep.
Kiros Katal One of Laguna's friends, he fights alongside him. Extremely fast with a wit to match, he still manages to display a caring personality.
Laguna Machinegun A soldier turned journalist, who becomes something more. He is open and friendly with a heart of gold.
Quistis Chain Whip Begins as Squall's instructor at Balamb Garden. Precocious and cool on the exterior, she sometimes lets her feelings get the better of her.
Rinoa Blaster Edge The leader of the Forest Owls resistence movement in Timber. She is straightforward, warm and compassionate though she can be shy at times.
Seifer Gunblade Squall's arch-rival at Balamb Garden. Although he is a gifted fighter, his arrogance and insubordination have prevented him from attaining the rank of SeeD.
Selphie Nunchakus A transfer student to Balamb Garden from Trabia Garden. Light-hearted and happy-go-lucky, she is also very passionate and not as naive as she seems at first.
Squall Gunblade The main character of the story. Begins as a cadet at Balamb Garden, training to become part of SeeD, an elite mercenary force. He is aloof, cold and self-centered.
Ward Harpoon Another friend of Laguna. Big and strong, he doesn't say very much.
Zell Gloves Begins as a cadet alongside Squall at Balamb Garden. While he is implusive and quick tempered, he is also honest and has a good sense of humor.