Charger Barding
Description: This barding is the perfect balance of lightweight construction and protection. Its iron alloy composition makes it prone to rust if not properly maintained.
Buy: -
Sell: 1154
Required for Bazaar: need 5 for Magepower Helm
need 4 for Sturdy Battle Gear
Obtained from Bazaar: none
Drop: Cataract Aevis, Deathclaw, Dragon Lich, Gizamaluk, Leynir, Mesmenir, Shadonir, Skulwyrm
Steal: Antlion, Cataract Aevis, Deathclaw, Deathgaze, Dragon Lich, Gizamaluk, Mesmenir, Shadonir, Skullash, Skulwyrm, Vyraal
Poach: Cataract Aevis, Deathclaw, Gizamaluk, Killer Mantis, Mesmenir, Shadonir