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Name↑ Mark  Type  Rank 
A Carrot Stalk Carrot Elite VII
A Chase Through the Woods Vorpal Bunny Normal III
A Dark Rumor Belito Elite V
A Ring in the Rain Croakadile Normal II
A Scream from the Sky Wyvern Lord Normal II
A Tingling Toast Marilith Normal V
A Wild Stench Wild Malboro Normal VI
Adding Insult to Injury Roblon Normal VI
Antlion Infestation Antlion Elite V
Battle on the Big Bridge Ancient Man of Mystery Elite VII
Befoulment of the Beast Feral Retriever Normal III
Crime and Punishment Orthros Elite V
Dalmasca's Desert Bloom Flowering Cactoid Normal I
Dead City Watch Deathscythe Normal VI
Farewell to a Legend Yiazmat Elite VIII
Fishy Dreams Ixion Elite VI
For Whom the Wyrm Tolls Ring Wyrm Normal III
Get My Stuff Back! Vyraal Normal V
God or Devil? The Seer Elite VI
Little Love on the Big Plains Cluckatrice Elite I
Lost in the Pudding White Mousse Normal V
Marauder in the Mines Nidhogg Normal I
Old Legend, Decaying Bonds Lindwyrm Normal V
Paradise Risen Gil Snapper Elite III
Paramina Run Trickster Elite V
Paying For the Past Catoblepas Normal VI
Red & Rotten in the Desert Rogue Tomato Normal I
Rodeo to the Death Braegh Normal IV
Shelled Obstruction Darksteel Normal IV
The Black Sorceror Piscodaemon Normal V
The Child Snatcher Diabolos Normal VII
The Creature Collector Goliath Normal VI
The Cry of Its Power Rocktoise Elite I
The Dead Ought Sleep Forever Ixtab Normal II
The Defense of Ozmone Plain Enkelados Normal II
The Deserter's Revenge Bloodwing Normal V
The Mine Flayer Mindflayer Normal IV
The Things We Do... Overlord Normal VI
Trouble in the Hills Atomos Normal III
Truth Shrouded in Mist Behemoth King Elite VII
Visitor on Deck Deathgaze Normal VII
Waterway Haunting Wraith Normal I
Who's the Strongest!? Pylraster Normal VII
Wolf in the Waste Thextera Normal I
Wyrm Wrath's Renewal Fafnir Normal VII