Chapter 5: Farplane

As soon as you have gotten an Episode Complete in every location, you'll be treated to a special scene aboard the Celcius where you'll be awarded the Mascot dressphere (Mascot - Moogle, Mascot - Cait Sith, Mascot - Tonberry).

Speak to Brother to choose your entry point into the Farplane. Each path is different but you'll encounter the same enemies no matter which one you choose. At the first large platform you'll have to defeat Shiva. At the next large platform, you must beat Mindy, Sandy and Cindy. The final platform that you reach will initiate a battle with Anima after which you'll receive the Immortal Soul grid.

Here are the differences between the paths:

  • Besaid path - avoid the wrong floating platforms or be sent backwards, Mega-Potion x2.
  • Kilika path - avoid the spouting flames or be sent backwards, Mana Tonic.
  • Djose path - arrange floating platforms in correct order (3, 2, 1), Turbo Ether x2.
  • Bevelle path - nothing very interesting, Elixir.
  • Calm Lands path - teleporters jump you all over the place, Shining Gem.

If you complete all of the paths, you'll receive the Megiddo grid.

Afterward you'll find yourself in a field of flowers and you'll meet up with Leblanc and her sidekicks again. Use the save sphere to go back to the Celcius. Speak to Shinra, then go to another location on the ship (anywhere will do) and return to the Bridge where Buddy and Brother will be missing. If your story percentage is %70 or above, go up to the Deck to catch a conversation between Brother and Buddy and receive an Al Bhed Primer. If your story percentage is %80 or above, go to the Cabin to witness a family argument with Brother, Rikku and Cid. If your story percentage is %95 or above, go to the Deck to have a chat with Rikku.

Speak to Brother to teleport back down to the Farplane Abyss and go through the portal. Step on the blue tile next to the keyboard to learn 3 notes and then play the keyboard, putting in the same notes.

Find the blue tiles on the left and right paths at the fork for 3 more notes, but avoid the electrical discharges. Get the chest containing a Megalixir on the platform to the right of where the two paths join again. Go past the keyboard and down to the right to find another blue tile to learn a 4th note. Go back to the keyboard and play the 4 notes you just learned.

Take the left path to a blue tile and learn 2 notes. Go back and take the right path. Jump off the right side to reach another blue tile and learn 1 more note. Follow the path up to the blue tile on top of the pillar to learn 2 more notes. Take either path forward until they join, then play the notes on the keyboard on the right. There's a chest near the keyboard with Turbo Ether x3.

Go forward to meet with Gippal. He'll give you Paine's Sphere.

  1. Jump to the platform to the left of the save sphere and ride it up.
  2. Jump to the right to hear 3 notes.
  3. Jump to the right again and ride that platform up.
  4. Jump up/left then up/right to hear 2 more notes.
  5. Retrace your steps and go all the way back to the save sphere.
  6. Jump to the platform to the right of the save sphere and ride it up.
  7. Jump up/left and ride the platform sideways.
  8. Jump to the platform on the left to hear 1 note.
  9. Retrace your steps and go all the way back to the save sphere again.
  10. Use the platform left of the save sphere and jump left this time.
  11. Jump up and ride the platform up.
  12. Jump to the right to hear 1 note.
  13. Jump back to the platform you just rode which will now take you up even higher.
  14. Jump up/right and get the Megalixir x2 in the chest.
  15. Jump up/left to hear 2 more notes.
  16. Jump back to the moving platform to be transported all the way back down.
  17. Jump down and then back onto it to ride it up to the middle again.
  18. Jump left then down/left to hear 1 note.
  19. Go back down to the save sphere.
  20. Take the right platform up again.
  21. Jump down/left and ride that platform up.
  22. Jump to the left to hear 2 more notes.
  23. Jump left to the big platform to hear all of the notes played back to you.
  24. The barrier will be deactivated.

Follow the path onward and upward. Find Nooj and watch a long scene with your allies. Continue on to fight Vegnagun (Tail) then Vegnagun (Arm) with Node A, Node B, and Node C. Finally you'll fight Vegnagun (Core) along with Right Bulwark and Left Bulwark. Immediately following, you must defeat Vegnagun (Face) along with Right Redoubt and Left Redoubt. Then the final battle with Shuyin will begin. Chapter 5 complete!

During the ending when you're walking back through the field of flowers in the Farplane Abyss, press [X] to speak to the Fayth child. Answer "Yes" when asked. After the credits, you'll be treated to an extra reunion scene.

  • none
Dresspheres: Garment Grids: Items: Key Items: Enemies:
Required: No
Chests: none
Story %: Defeat Shuyin
Missions: none
Sidequests: Al Bhed Primers