Name↑ Character  Description  Prerequisites 
Aqua Breath Kimahri Water damage to all enemies see entry
Attack Reels Wakka Line up the symbols for multiple attacks Win in Blitzball tournament
Auroch Reels Wakka Line up the symbols for various attacks Win in Blitzball tournament
Bad Breath Kimahri Cause multiple status ailments to all enemies see entry
Banishing Blade Auron Major damage to an enemy and causes Power Break, Armor Break, Magic Break and Mental Break ([Up], [L1], [Down], [R1], [Right], [Left], [Triangle]) Find 3 Jecht Spheres
Bio Lulu Cast multiple Bio spells Learn Bio
Blitz Ace Tidus Attack an enemy 9 times Execute 80 Overdrives successfully
Blizzaga Lulu Cast multiple Blizzaga spells Learn Blizzaga
Blizzara Lulu Cast multiple Blizzara spells Learn Blizzara
Blizzard Lulu Cast multiple Blizzard spells initially learned
Death Lulu Cast multiple Death spells Learn Death
Demi Lulu Cast multiple Demi spells Learn Demi
Doom Kimahri Start a countdown on an enemy - kills when it reaches 0 see entry
Dragon Fang Auron Hits all enemies ([Down], [Left], [Up], [Right], [L1], [R1], [O], [X]) initially learned
Drain Lulu Cast multiple Drain spells Learn Drain
Element Reels Wakka Line up two of the same color for a single attack of that element, line up all 3 of the same color for an attack of that element that hits all enemies initially learned
Energy Rain Tidus Massive damage to all enemies Execute 25 Overdrives successfully
Fira Lulu Cast multiple Fira spells Learn Fira
Firaga Lulu Cast multiple Firaga spells Learn Firaga
Fire Lulu Cast multiple Fire spells initially learned
Fire Breath Kimahri Fire damage to all enemies see entry
Flare Lulu Cast multiple Flare spells Learn Flare
Jump Kimahri Single attack initially learned
Mighty Guard Kimahri Cast Shell, Protect, NulBlaze, NulShock, NulTide, and NulFrost on all allies see entry
Nova Kimahri Massive damage to all enemies see entry
Osmose Lulu Cast multiple Osmose spells Learn Osmose
Seed Cannon Kimahri Single attack that sometimes causes Confusion see entry
Self-Destruct Kimahri Give up all HP to deal massive damage to all enemies see entry
Shooting Star Auron Does major damage and ejects enemy from the battle ([Triangle], [O], [Square], [X], [Left], [Right], [X]) Find 1 Jecht Sphere
Slice & Dice Tidus 3-6 random attacks Execute 10 Overdrives successfully (hit the center bar)
Spiral Cut Tidus Single attack initially learned
Status Reels Wakka Line up the symbols for mutliple attacks with status effects Win in Blitzball tournament
Stone Breath Kimahri Petrifies all enemies see entry
Thrust Kick Kimahri Strong single attack that may eject an enemy from the battle see entry
Thundaga Lulu Cast multiple Thundaga spells Learn Thundaga
Thundara Lulu Cast multiple Thundara spells Learn Thundara
Thunder Lulu Cast multiple Thunder spells initially learned
Tornado Auron Hits all enemies ([X], [Right], [R1], [Left], [L1], [Triangle]) Find all 10 Jecht Spheres
Ultima Lulu Cast multiple Ultima spells Learn Ultima
Water Lulu Cast multiple Water spells initially learned
Watera Lulu Cast multiple Watera spells Learn Watera
Waterga Lulu Cast multiple Waterga spells Learn Waterga
White Wind Kimahri Restore some HP to all allies and heals status effects see entry