Name↑ Type  MP  Description 
Aim Special 0 Raise Accuracy of all allies
Bribe Special 0 Pay enemies gil for safe passage and to receive items
Cheer Special 0 Raise Strength and Defense of all allies
CopyCat Special 28 Mimic the last action taken by an ally except overdrives and summons
DoubleCast Special 0 Cast 2 Black Magic spells in a single turn (must pay casting cost for both)
Entrust Special 8 Transfer overdrive gauge to another ally (adding onto it)
Flee Special 0 Escape from battle
Focus Special 0 Raise Magic and Magic Defense of all allies
Guard Special 0 Take physical attack instead of other ally
Jinx Special 0 Lower Luck of all enemies
Lancet Special 0 Drains HP/MP from an enemy (when used by Kimahri, may learn enemy skill)
Luck Special 0 Raise Luck of all allies
Pray Special 0 Restores small amount of HP to allies
Provoke Special 4 Draw an enemy's attack towards yourself
Reflex Special 0 Raise Evasion of all allies
Sentinel Special 0 Take physical attack instead of other ally while in a defensive posture
Spare Change Special 0 Throw gil at enemy to do damage (damage is 1/10th amount of gil thrown)
Steal Special 0 Steal items from an enemy
Threaten Special 12 Immobilize an enemy with fear
Use Special 0 Use any item in stock during battle