Sanubia Desert

Tidus finds himself alone at an oasis. Swim to the right to find 4 Remedys and then head north. You'll be attacked by a Zu and partway through the battle, Auron and Lulu will rejoin you. A short ways north and you'll find Wakka and a chest with 8 Al Bhed Potions.

Go southwest from there and then northeast to find Kimahri. Go back and head north where you'll run across Rikku and 2 chests with 2 Ether and 8 Al Bhed Potions. Follow Rikku north but watch for a section on the left that contains a chest with 4 Hi-Potions.

You'll arrive at the central part the desert which is a very large open area. Head northwest to find a chest with 2 X-Potions behind a rock. In the far western corner you'll find 2 Mega-Potions. East from there is a chest with 4 Hi-Potions. There's another 8 Al Bhed Potions next to the Save Sphere in the northwest.

Head west from the Save Sphere to find some ruins. In the southwest corner is a chest with an Elixir. Just north of where you came in are a couple of chests with a Lv. 2 Key Sphere and 10000 gil. Keep going north and search inside a half-buried building for the Al Bhed Primer XVII.

Return to the central desert and head north. Watch for the Al Bhed Primer XVIII on the ground.

In the next section, head northeast until you find the stone with the image on it. Head east from there to find 2 chests with 8 Hi-Potion and the Mercury Crest. Go back and north to find some sandpits with treasure chests near them. When you try to grab the chest it slides into the sandpit and if you go after it a Sandragora attacks. After defeating it you can get the chest. There are 2 pits containing 3 Megalixirs and 2 Teleport Spheres respectively. West of the pits is a chest with 3 Mega-Potions and just north of it is another with 2 X-Potions. Just before you reach Home, you'll have to battle another Sandragora.

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