Alexandria - Return

After Dagger's and Zidane's scenes, you'll be in control of Vivi. Kupo the moogle is still in the bell tower and Stiltzkin may be with him.

When you're done go to the alley, talk to Blank and agree to see the play. Dagger receives an Opal, Topaz and Amethyst while preparing for the coronation.

After a few more scenes you'll be in control of Eiko. Mosh the moogle is in the room with Dr. Tot. When Eiko tries to leave the castle she gets hung up.

A few more scenes later, Vivi will join Zidane. Head towards the castle. In the theater there's 2680 gil near the first table. Before you board the ship for the castle, search for a Phoenix Pinion and 3927 gil on the left and right steps respectively.

Once you cross the river, search behind the fountain for a Lapis Lazuli. Go to the left tower and search the right corner for a Phoenix Pinion. Go through the double doors where statue of Neptune is. There, search the back right corner for the Leo Stellazzio.

At the castle, there's a big reunion and eventually, the party decides to go to Treno.

Items: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Opal, Phoenix Pinion x2, Topaz
Keyitems: Leo