Fire Crystal
Description: A crystallization of potent Fire magicks, said to contain the divine power of creation. The source of a salamand entite's energy.
Buy: -
Sell: 160
Required for Bazaar: need 7 for Befuddling Incendiaries
need 3 for Emboldening Arms
need 8 for Nature's Armory
need 3 for Noisome Incendiaries
need 3 for Oil-soaked Incendiaries
Obtained from Bazaar: none
Drop: Bangaa Pirate, Bangaa Thief, Bellwyvern, Bune, Cerberus, Deadly Nightshade, Dullahan, Fire Chaosjet, Fire Elemental, Garchimacera, Grenade, Lizard, Mom Bomb, Mu, Mythril Golem, Salamand Entite, Scythe Mantis, Topstalk
Steal: Cerberus, Deadly Nightshade, Diabolos, Dullahan, Fire Chaosjet, Fire Elemental, Grenade, King Bomb, Lizard, Marilith, Mythril Golem, Overlord, Roblon, Salamand Entite, Scythe Mantis