Storm Magicite
Description: A stone infused with lightning magicks. When shaken, these stones release an electrical charge sufficient to power a small airship.
Buy: -
Sell: 80
Required for Bazaar: need 5 for Light & Sturdy Garb
need 6 for Plantinum Gear
Obtained from Bazaar: none
Drop: Archaeosaur, Baknamy, Coeurl, Focalor, Gargoyle, Humbaba, Imp, Mesmenir, Panther, Pumpkin Head, Pyrolisk, Storm Elemental, Suriander, Thunderbug
Steal: Archaeosaur, Braegh, Coeurl, Gargoyle, Humbaba, Mesmenir, Mimic Queen, Panther, Pumpkin Head, Storm Elemental, Suriander, Thunderbug