Festering Flesh
Description: It is difficult to tell what part of what animal is represented by this oozing lump of meat. Used in dark magicks and alchemy.
Buy: -
Sell: 542
Required for Bazaar: need 2 for Huntsman's Crossbow
need 4 for Jag-tooth Ninja Sword
need 4 for Magick Shard (Water)
Obtained from Bazaar: none
Drop: Anchag, Banshee, Blood Gigas, Ghast, Ghoul, Headless, Zombie (male), Zombie Warrior
Steal: Banshee, Cerberus, Ghast, Hyena
Poach: Blood Gigas, Dullahan, Ghast, Ghoul, Headless, Hyena, Zombie (Female), Zombie (male), Zombie Warrior